Love Bytes Review: Marked! by Jaxx Steele

Reviewed by Lily at Love Bytes

TITLE: Marked!

AUTHOR: Jaxx Steele

PUBLISHER:  Totally Bound PublishingMarked!

LENGTH:  55 pages


Sharing what you know with your lover can give him the power he needs to win, especially when he’s fighting a rogue wolf.

Mark Delonco was betrayed, ostracized, rejected, beaten and left for dead by a pack brother. As he wanders the forest, an unfamiliar scent brings him to a gruesome scene—and his betrayer. Another confrontation brings not only victory for the moment but also the possibility for love and redemption.

Victor Bradley could never maintain a relationship with anyone and he didn’t know why. It wasn’t that something was wrong with the men he chose, it was just that no one ever felt right to him. While visiting his forest home, a stranger appears at the door and changes his life. How can he know a man he has never met?

REVIEW: Wow! The start of this story is amazing, adrenaline pumping to the point I was left breathless. As you can imagine I was glued to my chair.

This is a sweet paranormal romance oozing with sensuality. It is action packed as you can imagine after all, Mark was a rejected pack member. His betrayer is still around and continuing to be a bully and a deceiver.

Victor is a victim of this betrayer and you need to read how he became of victim. The romance between Victor and Mark is almost instant once Victor becomes an adult. I struggled in that scene, I must say partly the dialogue was not unique so I was not shocked or left breathless and partly because of the instant start of their bonding. It spends a fair amount of time of the sex scene between Mark and Victor which is a nice read but is fluffy and predictable language like “My God, you are incredible! I have wanted to feel like this for so long.”

The other thing is Mark at the beginning appeared to be the alpha but somehow Victor with his human abilities was another alpha. I couldn’t get my head around that but saying that I liked how Mark was portrayed. He had weaknesses so he was more than just a handsome werewolf. He often was losing his fight with Raymond who is the betrayer in the story but mark still did not quit and tried to win his rightful place in this pack. That part was very endearing.  The fight between Mark and Raymond was described well and was easy to visualize for me which was very engaging.

This is an easy to read story with a predictable plot but nevertheless still an enjoyable story.



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