How to Talk To Attractive Women

Many men experience problems with communication with women, especially with russian ladies for marriage. This is normal.

Social networks absorbed humanity and it excluded direct contact with people. We are more open in chats than in personal
communication. And if a woman with whom you want to communicate is beautiful, then all the
difficulties increase three times. Didn’t you notice that it’s more difficult to talk with beautiful girls than,
so to speak, with girls of “non-standard appearance”? If yes, then let’s solve this problem.

You think too much about it

The way out of this vicious circle is simple – calm down. If you show yourself from a disadvantageous
side, then nothing terrible will happen. In fact, a girl can also worry and your stress may cause her even
more excitement and a conversation will not be good. So, you should be distracted from heavy thoughts
about your inferiority. You just want to talk with a person, exchange useful information, and spend a little
time – nothing difficult here, right? This is just another trifle that you do every day.

You ignore the body language

Body language is an important ability in any communication. Usually, people don’t pay attention to how
their limbs, shoulders, neck, and head move when they talk. But this is very important in communication.
You can start with a smile. Stand in front of the mirror and smile. Does your smile look strained? How
natural is it? Doesn’t it seem strange? Try to smile amicably and openly. Also, control your hands, the
position of the body, and neck. You shouldn’t stay with the humped back when talking to a girl.
Otherwise, she might think that you have been offended by life.

You’re fixated on yourself

There is no definite approach to choosing topics for a conversation with a girl. Just try to find a topic that
will be interesting not only to you but to her as well. In this case, it will be easier for you to communicate
and you will speak without any absurd attempts to seduce her. There are also classic options for talking,
which work in 90% of cases. They seem a bit banal but they work best with a person you don’t know:

  • Focus on appearance. For example, you noticed that a girl has an interesting necklace or a steep
    hairstyle – tell her about it. She will be touched even if she finds a compliment trite and banal.
  • Ask a girl about what she does in her spare time. At the same time, you will know her better.
  • Select a group of common interests. For example, a girl is interested in ancient Egypt. You also
    like it. Why not discuss all this together?

You don’t take the first step

We are talking about the fact that you are afraid or just forget to invite a girl on a date. Let’s be honest:
the ultimate goal of communicating with a beautiful girl in is an invitation to a date in 90% of cases. You
obviously want to get to know her better, otherwise, why do you start communicating at all? So, if you
talk, discuss a lot of different interesting things, then invite her to a date, this is the logical ending of a
conversation. And it will not be strange. If she agrees, then she is interested in you, which means that
everything is in your hands.