Him For The Holidays

Him for the Holidays by Jaxx SteeleAvailable at Pride Publishing

Him for the Holidays
Part of the Lust Bites imprint


Home for the holidays, Don meets Trevor. With no intention of starting a relationship, can Don be convinced that Trevor’s everything he wants this holiday?


Donald Bradley is home for the holidays when he meets Trevor Oxford. He is everything he could ask for in a man, but Don has no intention of having any type of relationship with him because he lives two hundred miles away. Trevor is confident and aggressive each time Don encounters him, not hiding his interest at all. Will Don accept what Trevor has to offer, giving him what he really wants this holiday season?



“How much mistletoe do you need?”

At first, Donald stood there staring at him. When his shock finally eased away, he found his voice.

“I— I don’t know. My sister was supposed to pick this stuff up. The list belongs to her. How much do people usually buy?”

“Well, I guess that would depend on how much smooching you plan on doing,” the man answered with a mischievous grin. “With lips as sexy as yours, I bet you do a lot. Perhaps you should return after you’ve spoken to your significant other to see how much kissing you’ll be doing in your future,” he added with a chuckle.

Donald let out an embarrassed laughed. “I don’t have one of those.”

He put the carrier on top of a nearby basket. “Really? A handsome man like you is single? That’s downright tragic. I’m Trevor, by the way. What’s your name?” he said, offering his hand.


He shook Donald’s hand slowly, staring at the ceiling. “Donald, Donald. Hmm, Delicious Donald. No, Darling Donald.” His lips twisted as he thought. “No, Delicious Donald is better. I’m sure I’ll have no trouble remembering that,” he said, looking at Donald again.

Donald’s eyes widened, and a soft gasp escaped him. Trevor’s gaze was mesmerizing. It made him warm on the inside. Now he knew what people meant when they said it felt like someone was looking right through them into their soul. His breathing quickened, and his hard-on returned with a vengeance.

Trevor opened his hand, releasing the mistletoe, then pinched some from its container to hold over Donald’s head. He moved so close that Donald could smell his minty breath.

“Well, Donny, to answer your question, I would hang about this much over every doorway in my house if I knew you were coming over. But then I wouldn’t want to miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Donald’s breath caught at Trevor’s closeness. He could hardly breathe, let alone complete a sentence. Suddenly, the front door swung open and bells rang loudly, breaking the hypnotic hold Trevor seemed to have on him.

“Trevor, I’m here! I came to pick up that box of decorations for my window,” a woman cried cheerfully as she walked across the floor toward the counter.

Trevor shook his head. “That’s Mrs David from the bakery. I’ve got some stuff on hold for her. She’s a sweet old lady, but her timing sucks,” he said with a soft laugh. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Donald nodded, but he was thinking saved by the bell.

Trevor took a step back and snatched a small baggie off the basket. He dropped a small amount of mistletoe into it along with the rest of the things on his list.

“It would seem I have some other work to do. I’ll see you at the register.” He caressed Donald’s face, then handed him the basket before walking away.

Donald’s jaw dropped, but he was finally able to breathe again. He watched with a raised brow as Trevor walked to the counter to help the woman who waited for him. He was charming and pleasant with her. When he gathered the things she needed, Trevor followed her out the door carrying the box. Donald walked to the register, staring at the door.

Who is this guy? Where is Mr Oxford?

He may not know who Trevor was, but somehow, Trevor knew he was gay and he seemed interested. His head tilted.

“How the hell did he know that?” he mumbled.

An interaction like what just happened between him and Trevor had never happened to Donald before. He didn’t know what to do. In college, he had met his so-called boyfriend during a gay rights rally on campus. They’d gone to a few meetings together, had a few beers, and since they were both single, they had decided to do the friends with benefits thing. That was his introduction to sex and relationships. After graduation, it was over. He often wondered what it would be like to date someone or have a real relationship.

Donald replayed the scene over in his mind. His cock jumped at the memory. Trevor came on to him so aggressively. It surprised and excited him. Most of the good-looking guys he had come in contact with fell into two categories: taken or jerks. Trevor didn’t seem to fit either.

It was a shame that he was only going to be home until after the New Year. He wondered what it would be like to date a man like Trevor, if he was serious about being with him. It didn’t make sense to start something he couldn’t finish. Everyone knew long distance love affairs didn’t work. The door swung open. A cold breeze washed over him, jarring him from his thoughts.

“Woo! I should have grabbed my coat,” Trevor said as he brushed the snow from his shoulders and shook his head. “The snow is really starting to come down now.” He walked behind the counter, stopping in front of Donald. “I was about to take lunch. Want to join me?”

“I uh…”

“I have a fireplace that could keep us warm unless you’d prefer to use body heat instead.”

Donald’s eyes widened, and Trevor laughed and held his hands up.

“Okay, okay, too soon. Let’s ring this stuff up and get you on your way.”

Donald handed Trevor the money. Trevor held his hand longer than needed. Trevor pushed the bag to him, and Donald rushed out of the store with it. Once out in the cold air, Donald was able to control his breathing again.

“I don’t even know what to say about all that,” he muttered on his return trek.

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