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Lunch Break
A Kool Queer Lit Free Read
Author: Jaxx Steele
Cover art: A Kool Queer Lit

Copyright © 2011 Jaxx Steele Lunch Break
Jaxx Steele

Lunch Break

By Jaxx Steele


Sergeant Clemons checked the clock. The second hand continued to tick by annoyingly slow. He grunted low, shifted in his chair again then pulled another manila envelope from his ‘to-do’ box. Periodically his eyes shifted to the clock and, although his work pile depleted, time seemed to stand still.

"Hey Rick."

The sergeant looked up to see a man in his doorway. "Yeah?"

"Someone must have left this on my desk by mistake. It's got your name on it," he said bringing the parcel into the room.

"Thanks Clinton."

Rick took the large envelope from his co-worker who then continued on his way. After unwinding the tiny string, he shook it above his hand and a single gold coin fell out into his palm. Squeezing in his hand, Rick smiled.

“Finally,” he muttered then left his chair.

"I'm going to lunch," he voiced loudly to no one in particular as he rushed from his office.

He walked through the army recruitment station waving to his co-workers as he passed their windowed offices on his way to a not so often used back stairwell. Rick’s pulse raced with anticipation as he passed the first floor and continued to the basement. The lower levels were designed just as the upper floors, but were currently being used as storage at the moment.

Rick navigated the long hall and entered the room that was directly below his own. The space was filled with boxes of all sizes. A desk was close to the entrance. On it was a small lamp with a purple bulb. It did little to illuminate the area. Rick flipped the switch on its stem to extinguish its glow then closed the door behind him. A soft lustful sigh caressed his ears sending a chill down his back.

"Mmm, I’m so glad you came," a husky male voice expressed.

Rick stuck the coin in his pocket and moved closer. "Wasn’t that our agreement?”

“Is that the only reason you’re here?”

“That’s one motive, but not the main one.”

The room fell silent giving Rick the impression he was meant to elaborate on his statement.

“Let’s just say that when I see your calling card I am more than willing to come."

"And I do like it when you come, Rick," came the reply in an amused tone.

Rick chuckled and followed the voice. He stepped on something that made a crackling noise under his foot, but continued then his boot hit something solid. It made a hollow thud and he stopped walking. Rick could smell him now. He breathed in deeply. That musky scent of arousal that was unique to his lover waft around his nose making him smile. The tell-tale squishing of a lubed fist sliding over a condom covered erection reached his ears seconds later. His cock throbbed behind his fatigues in response to the stimuli.

“You've started without me, Jack,” Rick stated.

The sounds continued. “I had to. The thought of having you like this makes me hot,” Jack panted out.

Rick reached out into the darkness. His fingers touched a solid bare chest. Eagerly they glided over the hairless muscles there.

"I like that thought," Rick said giving the hardened nipples a tweak. "So is that thing is ready for me?"

"Why not back that sweet ass of yours onto me and find out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed."

Rick needed no more prompting. He only had an hour, so every second had to count.  Quickly Rick undid his buckle then pushed his pants and skivvies from his body in one movement. He let his instincts guide him to the cock he was about to ride. He stroked it a few times and his soon to be lover let out a pleasurable moan.

“Yeah, baby. That feels good.”

Erotic tremors traveled through Rick’s body. His staff bobbed before him as he stroked the stiff flesh. Abruptly, Rick spun pulling his cheeks apart then impaled himself on the rod waiting for him. Both male voices rose in the darkness in a combined sigh of bliss.

“Fuck! I’ve been waiting all day for this shit. Your ass feels so damn good, Rick.”

“And this big ass cock feels good in my ass, Jack,” he proclaimed on a groan.

From the angle of Jack’s body Rick knew he was stationed against one of the larger boxes with his back securely pressed against a wall, almost in a sitting position. He felt no trepidation when he gripped Jack’s steely thighs for support. With practice ease Rick rolled his hips and rode the magnificent piece while he pumped his erection with his newly greased hand.

Rick controlled the tempo. He used long languishing moves grinding on Jack’s lap pushing down on the ridged staff then dragging off it again. A shiver of excitement shot up his spine with each movement. Jack grunted behind him holding onto his waist with his forehead pressed into the center of Rick’s back. Jack’s fingers squeezed into Rick’s waist almost too tight, but Rick didn’t care.  Jack’s sensual groans of pleasure left hot puffs of air on Rick’s back that tantalized him even more. A stuttering moan left his lips and he rode the hard-on faster.

“Dammit, Jack!” Rick expressed in an urgent whisper. “Riding you like this always makes me come to damn fast.”

Jack chuckled lustfully then pulled Rick into his chest and took over the pacing.

“Oh shit!” Rick exclaimed on a gasp.

“It’s like you said. I started without you. I’m just about ready to pop my load into your ass, soldier,” Jack breathed against his ear. Jack’s hand slid around Rick’s body. “The clock is ticking, baby. You need to catch up.”

Still slick from preparing himself for Rick’s arrival, Jack took over stroking Rick’s cock. The box held strong while Jack thrust his hips forward into Rick’s ass. Each movement was in sync with Jack’s large rough palm glided over the sensitive head of Rick’s swollen dick. The new sensations overwhelmed Rick’s senses. The incredible impending climax rising within him froze his muscles in place. Suddenly Rick shook all over. His balls tightened then shot his load up his shaft before he knew it. Rick’s brain exploded and a scream of ecstasy left his mouth. He quickly bit his lip hard enough to keep it at bay as Jack continued to milk him dry.

“Yeah, baby. That’s what I’m talking about,” Jack growled nipping his ear. “I want all that.”

An almost violent tremor rocked Rick’s body. It threatened to collapse his knees, but Jack’s grip was firm. When his dick was finished oozing and his breathing was more controlled, he let out a long whistle.

“Damn that was good.”

Jack chuckled again. “Glad you liked it. Now it’s my turn.”

Rick could almost see the devilish grin on his face. The words were barely out of Jack’s mouth before he pushed himself from the wall and shoved Rick forward. Rick fell over with his palms to the floor. He scooted his feet apart as far as the restriction of his pants would let him and bent his knees slightly in preparation. Jack gripped his hips and re-entered his ass with one smooth driving motion.

“This won’t take long at all, baby, so hold on.”

Rick nodded even though Jack couldn’t see him. Jack rammed forcefully into him. A few moments later his grip tightened and he heard Jack’s muffled cry of fulfillment as he gave his left cheek a repetitive smack.

Finally Jack released him and Rick stood up to redress. As he adjusted his shirt a pair of strong arms pulled him into a hug and Jack’s lips were on his kissing him hard. The smell of sex was all over him.

“Damn you smell good,” Rick told him when he let go.

“Yeah, so do you. Make sure you take care of that before you go back to work.”

“I will and you, too.” Rick stepped out of his embrace and moved toward the exit.

“Rick,” Jack called softly.

Rick turned. He couldn’t see anything but darkness in the room as he stood in the light of the hallway.

“I love you.”

Rick smiled over his shoulder and then winked. “I love you, too.”

Rick hurried up the stairs back to the second floor. He stopped off into the bathroom to freshen up before heading back to his office. Pulling energy bar from his desk drawer he got back to work. Glancing at the clock he couldn’t help but laugh. Time could go as slow as it wanted to now. It wasn’t often he could meet his lover for lunch since they worked at two different centers. When the opportunity did work out itself out, it gave them something to discuss at home and made their relationship at home that much better.