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Jaxx Steele's Titles are No Longer Available from Red Rose Publishing. Please Do Not Buy any Books from Red Rose Publishing If you see any of his titles for sale, please do not buy them as he is no longer receiving royalties on them.

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Claiming Cupid by Jaxx Steele
Claiming Cupid
by Jaxx Steele


Charlie Richards‘s review

Jun 02, 11
4 of 5 stars false

bookshelves: will-read-again, have-read-more-than-once

Read in April, 2011
Max and Danny are such a sweet pair. The attraction between the two men is apparent to the reader, but the characters have the classic ‘I’m seeing what I want because of wishful thinking’ response to each other. The way Danny goes about his seduction is really entertaining, and I enjoyed Max’s response. Entertaining HEA story that I’ve already enjoyed more than once.

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