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Cams Best Friend by Jaxx Steele



Cam’s Best Friend
Cam’s Best Friend by Jaxx Steele is a homoerotic paranormal story.

Reynaud Leduc can’t believe the direction his life has taken. After he and his lover Angele had a romantic night together, he woke up to find Angele dead and him being held responsible. Reynaud is a Creolyte and endowed with the magical ability to heal anyone, but for some reason he didn’t wake up in time to save Angele. As punishment, he was mostly stripped of his magical abilities and shape shifted into an animal form until someone loves him enough to trust him. Before sentence is completed, Raynaud find out who is responsible, but unable to prove anything he suffered his fate.

Cameron’s cafe is finally ready to open for business and he can’t wait. He has seen a large dog hanging around the building for a while. The dog, Cameron names Mel, seems very smart, gentle and loving so Cameron invites him to live with him. Cameron’s last boyfriend was abusive to the extreme and it helps him to have someone, even a dog, with him when he awakens from a nightmare about his past. A bond forms between Cameron and Mel that is more than just between a pet and his owner, but could there be more to it than Cameron is aware of? Is Cameron’s past truly behind him?

This is a very interesting and charming story. I enjoyed learning about the Creolyte people and how they came into being. The Creolyte people were originally regular humans and they evolved where their magical abilities are part of them, but they still retain many human qualities that could create problems if they use their abilities against others. Cameron’s desire to take Mel into his home was wonderful and it gave them each something they needed. Being forced to not only loose his magic, but being forced into another from must have been a terrible blow, especially when Reynaud knew who was really at fault. Any more information would give the story away, so you will have to read it to find out how it ends.

Reviewed by: Teresa


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