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Jaxx Steele's Titles are No Longer Available from Red Rose Publishing. Please Do Not Buy any Books from Red Rose Publishing If you see any of his titles for sale, please do not buy them as he is no longer receiving royalties on them.

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You Gotta Read Reviews

“Lions and tigers and bears, oh my.” Well, how about vampires and demons too? That is what you will find in Jaxx Steele’s Indian Blood Moon when Dante fulfills his reporting assignment by attending an unusual Halloween party. Mr. Steele does an interesting job setting the scene with an odd and eclectic assortment of creatures and characters in attendance, complete with vivid and detailed descriptions, colorful enough to compete with any real live Halloween costume ball. Interestingly, the story is actually quite charming, even with its “pseudo” Gothic, gory elements added. Yes, this is a vampire vs. demon, semi-good vs. very evil tale, with a sometimes helpless, non traditional damsel in distress Dante caught in the middle however, it is also a romance, and a very well-written romance. As the readers see, Magnus is the perfect charismatic hero, and Dante appears to be his equally perfect match. As a result, the love scenes between the two while quite bold and graphic, are also somewhat poignant. I recommend reading this novella, it is just what is the spirit wants and needs to read.

Rating: You Need To Read!
Reviewed by: Mickey

Whipped Cream Reviews

Indian Blood Moon combines a Halloween party gone horribly wrong with a love foretold by destiny. Dante is a good reporter who is prevented from finding hints about the truth by the very perpetrator of the villainy. He’s a smart man but he’s lonely too. You wouldn’t think such a robust and handsome man could be a victim. But as we all know, if someone is focused on causing a person harm, they’re going to be planning and plotting for all eventualities; and for the victim, it’s going to seem sudden and unexpected. How do you guard against that? Sometimes for all of your brawn, your alertness and your intelligence, it’s just not enough and you can’t. Magnus is Dante’s hero. Also lonely, he has an important role and duty to fulfill. Once a reader finds out about the patience and hope Magnus lived with, it’s quite romantic. For Magnus, living was like being in a long dark tunnel with the promise of the light at the end his only source of strength. It’s almost tragic the length of time he lived like that. Yet, he makes the most of the situation when he realizes that Dante is his light. Although Indian Blood Moon is short, it condenses the most important aspects of two lovers meeting and a solid connection for their assured HEA, of which both men most surely deserve. The conflict is just enough to give meaning to the plot and the presentation of their getting together without diffusing what is essentially, a story of true love being realized. The man-love is sensual, hard and fast and a reader is left with the impression that Dante is going to be living a dream come true. For me, that makes a satisfying read.

Rating: 4 cherries!
Reviewed by: Xeranthemum

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