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Jaxx Steele's Titles are No Longer Available from Red Rose Publishing. Please Do Not Buy any Books from Red Rose Publishing If you see any of his titles for sale, please do not buy them as he is no longer receiving royalties on them.

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AFTER THE STORM is a beautiful story penned by a ‘new to me’ author, Jaxx Steele. This is a warm-hearted story filled with sadness, as well as great determination and the will to have it all. Ethan’s no wilting wallflower. He sees Marcus and knows immediately that he wants him. He’s not prepared to accept ‘no’ or any other excuses. Ethan takes Marcus in hand and decides to show him that he will be there for him. Marcus, who’s hurt, bruised and unwilling to try at life and love again, skirts around his attraction to Ethan, but when he is backed into a corner he has no choice but to accept love again. I loved this book. It’s filled with lots of emotionally charged scenes and at a pace that keeps the reader wanting more and praying that the end never to come. Jaxx Steele is definitely one to watch.

Reviewed by:Jhayboy
4 1/2 blue ribbons!

Whipped Cream Reviews

Ethan’s forthright approach to life has earned him his fair share of ups and downs. A glimpse of Marcus straight out of the pool charges his desires and sets him on course to meet the love of his life. I loved Mr. Steele’s storytelling. He keeps the reader involved with a fast-paced story and characters that we can relate to. I rooted for Marcus to overcome his shyness and fear of commitment in order to love Ethan. His fears are the same as everyone, we want to be loved, but we also want that love to last forever. When it doesn’t, we feel the same type of heartbreak. I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between the two men and sighed with contentedness when the story concluded. If you like a sensual story with two heroes, then pick up a copy of After the Storm. I loved this story. Awesome!

Reviewed by:Tiger Lily
4 1/2 cherries!

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